Web design

A beautiful web design decides on profit or loss. The web design is the most important part of a successful website. Speak of seriousness! We can help you with this.

Web Programming

We will help you to choose the right content management system. Only through advanced technologies, you can save time and money.

Social Media / SEO

Make your product even better known and increase your sales. All this is possible with the perfect marketing.

Web hosting & Domains

With us you have the right partner on the side when it comes to be accessible on the internet. We guarantee our customers an availability of over 99%.


My name is Sebastian and I'm 27 years young, born and raised in Bonn, Germany.
I'm a highly motivated creative web developer with a huge portfolio.

Since more than 8 years I build websites and web designs. Now I want to share my knowledge with you and your company. But I'll support you with the whole package of IT. When I create a new website I only use modern technologies like Wordpress, Typo and Bootstrap.


Strom-Steinberger is one of our first websites that we build with bootstrap for the front-end and Wordpress as the CMS in combination.


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